Refreshing Entertainer

Hi Reader. This is my baby step in blogging. Thank you for visiting.

Whenever I read, watch listen, observe, hear things that actually makes me think! I have always thought about sharing/expressing my perspective in writing & now my goodness I really created a blog to share…

What to write

I have always been a fan of Cartoon Series from my childhood days. In the recent two years I have subscribed myself to different cartoon series!!! thanks to my son Abhijeeth.

Tom & Jerry, Chota Bheem, Ninja Hatori, Keymon Ache, Kid Vs Kat, Jackie Chan, Roll no.21 & Kick Butowski are a few which I started watching along with him.

I really got involved & fascinated particularly with one of them “Ninja Hatori”. It has got a very sharp & crisp story line which keeps you interested with a great punch message and a very subtle humor.

When I questioned my self what made me a great fan of this series, I could list the following

Ninja Hatori

  • Its amazingly entertaining
  • Real crisp and up to the point
  • Has a great good message for both kids and adults
  • Respects old values and combines new technology
  • Repetitively Fresh
  • Has Love, Friendship, Family Bonding, Action, Suspense, Drama & above all a great respect for human values
                Well hopefully you could have also become a fan of this great series when I meet you after reading this.

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