7Aum Arivu A real tribute to Tamil Culture

7Aum Arivu, when this film was announced there were lot of speculations. There were even rumors which said the film is inspired by Inception. Lot of hype surrounded this movie when we heard Surya is performing a dual role, and it increased our curiosity levels when we saw Surya dressed up like a Monk.

7th Sense

Close to the release of the movie we came to know that the story is a inspired fiction based on Bodhi Dharma, a Pallava king who became a Buddhist monk who traveled to China & eventually became of the father of Kung-fu.

Given this premise the expectations soared sky high and eventually tickets got sold out for all shows for the first five days. Is this movie worth that hype? I normally watched my favorite movies on First day, this was an exception & I watched on the Third day. In between the two days I saw read a lot reviews in web and in social networking sites & I came to a conclusion that its a good movie but not worth the hype created.

Even after hearing the negative reviews I went with a open frame of mind & to my surprise I liked the movie very much. In fact it is a great movie which actually made me proud as a part of the Tamil Culture. The following are some of the reasons why I really liked the movie

  • It’s a superb attempt to make a sci-fi movie in Tamil, which definitely is taking our own kollywood to the next level
  • The way Bodhi Dharma’s transformation from a Pallava King to a Great Legened was portrayed
  • Fresh scenes which were not a repeat or remake
  • I really enjoyed the scenes where Sruthi blasts the Big Old Scientists it seemed spontaneous
  • The scene where Johnny Tri Nguyen tries to hypnotize Surya was brilliant
  • A new theme which is like fresh air.
  • SuryaShruti Haasan & Johnny Tri Nguyen
           It’s not that 7th Sense is without any pitfalls. The following could have been better or done differently
  • I really don’t understand why all the Heroines by default should love the protagonist
  • There is no life in the love plot
  • The screenplay could have been more racy
  • Hypnotic technique used by Johnny Tri Nguyen was really tiring
  • Songs which really slows down tempo of the film
Finally its definitely worth a watch

Refreshing Entertainer

Hi Reader. This is my baby step in blogging. Thank you for visiting.

Whenever I read, watch listen, observe, hear things that actually makes me think! I have always thought about sharing/expressing my perspective in writing & now my goodness I really created a blog to share…

What to write

I have always been a fan of Cartoon Series from my childhood days. In the recent two years I have subscribed myself to different cartoon series!!! thanks to my son Abhijeeth.

Tom & Jerry, Chota Bheem, Ninja Hatori, Keymon Ache, Kid Vs Kat, Jackie Chan, Roll no.21 & Kick Butowski are a few which I started watching along with him.

I really got involved & fascinated particularly with one of them “Ninja Hatori”. It has got a very sharp & crisp story line which keeps you interested with a great punch message and a very subtle humor.

When I questioned my self what made me a great fan of this series, I could list the following

Ninja Hatori

  • Its amazingly entertaining
  • Real crisp and up to the point
  • Has a great good message for both kids and adults
  • Respects old values and combines new technology
  • Repetitively Fresh
  • Has Love, Friendship, Family Bonding, Action, Suspense, Drama & above all a great respect for human values
                Well hopefully you could have also become a fan of this great series when I meet you after reading this.